Noriko Kijima [DGC]

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Birth name 木嶋 のりこ?(Kijima Noriko)
Date of birth March 22, 1988 (1988-03-22) (age21)[1]
Place of birth Nagano Prefecture, JapanJapan
Height 1.59m (5ft 3in)
Measurements 83cm (33in) E
55.5cm (22in)
84cm (33in)
Shoe size 23.5 cm
Agency K’s Garden
Other name(s) のりぞ〜?

Life and career

Noriko was born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan on March 22, 1988.[2] She was one of the winners at the 2005 Seikore (制コレ) competition, short for Zenkoku Joshikousei Seifuku Collection (全国女子高生制服コレクション), a Japanese national contest for high-school girls modeling school uniforms and bikinis.[3][4][5] She has since made a number of gravure videos.[2]

In May 2006, at age eighteen, she appeared in Masato Tsujioka’s award winning film Divide.[6][7] That same year saw her playing a literal “living doll” in the Tetsuya Ikea produced Legend of the Doll. The Crystal Acids reviewer notes “The acting is fairly solid … with Noriko Kijima proving that she is more than just a pretty face.”[8] She also played the role of Yoshie, Ami’s best friend, in Noboru Iguchi’s 2008 cult gore film The Machine Girl[9][10] and was the star of the short direct-to-video sequel Shyness Machine Girl.[11][12]


Theatrical releases[13]

  • Pyocotan Profile (ピョコタン・プロファイル) November 2008
  • The Machine Girl (片腕マシンガール THE MACHINE GIRL) August 2008
  • Divide (DIVIDE ディバイド) May 2006

Direct-to-video (V-Cinema)

  • Shyness Machine Girl (hajiraiマシンガール) 2009
  • Legend of the Doll (萌えキュンMOVIE 聖・美少女フィギュア伝) 2006

DVD appearances

Gravure videos.[2]

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