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Saaya Irie (入江紗綾, Irie Saaya?, born November 15, 1993, in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan) is a Japanese actress, voice actress, junior idol and singer. Her stage name is simply her given name, Saaya.

She has recently been appearing in numerous films, radio, and television programs including the recent live action TV drama adaptation of the Jigoku Shoujo series. She has also done voice work, appearing in the anime OVA Kyo no Gononi as Chika Koizumi. She was formerly a member of Japanese musical group Sweet Kiss before it disbanded on May 12, 2006 to be replaced by the group


  • 紗綾 さあや11歳 [Saaya at 11] (February 2005, Elk Heart Promotion) ISBN 4341780042
  • 入江紗綾 紗綾11歳 [Saaya at 11] (May 2005, Bunkasha) ISBN 4821130912
  • Little Legend 紗綾in沖縄 [Saaya in Okinawa] (October 2005, Elk Heart Promotion)
  • BLOOM~さあやから入江紗綾へ~ [From Saaya to Saaya Irie] (June 2006, Elk Heart Promotion) ISBN 4902972301
  • アクアガール 入江紗綾 [Aqua Girl] (December 2006, Elk Heart Promotion) ISBN 4903590291
  • アクアガール2 入江紗綾 [Aqua Girl 2] (February 2007, Elk Heart Promotion) ISBN 4903590431
  • 紗綾の休日 [Saaya’s Holiday] (December 2006, King Records)
  • Pure Smile (December 2007, Takeshobo)
  • 紗綾 THE BEST (March 2008, E-Net Frontier)
  • 紗綾 SA-YA! (April 2008, E-Net Frontier)
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