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Miu Nakamura

Miu Nakamura (born March 14, 1987-91) is a Japanese tarento and gravure idol. She was born in Aomori prefecture, and now resides in Iwate prefecture. In July 2006, she won the title of “Miss Young Magazine”. After winning the title, she was quoted as saying that she would show her naughtier side from then on. However, towards the end of 2007, rumours about her leaving the idol industry began to spread and she didn’t appear in public for several months. Following her return to the public gaze it was rumoured that she had been absent so long because she had been taken from her home in Iwate prefecture by an unnamed relative with alleged links to the Yakuza. Tellingly however, no charges were ever brought and this whole series of events has been dismissed by some as similar to the Bob Dylan motorcycle accident story, a way of retaining publicity whilst simultaneously temporarily escaping the pressures of fame.

Miu Nakamura

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